Desert Winds Triangle Scarf Mark 2

Hello all! 

So you may have been following along as I have been teaching my colleague and friend Nic to crochet. After we finished the hat we moved straight on to a new project. The desert Winds Scarf by Make amd do Crew. Seriously – their patterns are so great as a resource to teach beginners.

Here is mine, using Caron Cakes Pumpkin Spice.

And here is hers in Caron Cakes Fairy Cake.

Arent they lovely!

We wont be working together now for a while so wont be crocheting together but she already ordered more yarn to make a few more for christmas gifts so I think we can safely say she is hooked. 

What suggestions do you have for beginner projects? I might have a little think and do a little roundup for other beginners. 


Oh dear. 

I love my cat to peices but my god some days they test your patience. 

I am working nights right now and the other morning I happened to arrive home just as my Fiance was going out the door. I said morning and gave him a kiss and as he turned to leave then turned mach and said those anxidty enducing words: “Now dont be mad…” 

(Please excuse the awful lighting)

Whilst I had been at work that night max had been busy playing with my yarn! 

Luckily I was able to rescue it – at least this time she hasnt actually damaged it, she has just tangled it up, but I managed to untangle it. I think this must be her way of telling me its too nice to be sat in a drawer and I should make something with it. Watch this space.

I just dont know what it is that makes her so destructive! When I finish nights this week I have 3 weeks holiday. When I return from San Francisco. I plan to go through my crafting shelves and I will be slimming down my gear so hopefully I will make enough room for a clip lock box to keep my good quality yarns in! 

The Jeanie Beanie

Popping in with yet another set of hats (I have really been on a chunky hat making roll this last week! 
This is the Jeanie Hat by Twisted Arrow Designs. You can find it here

I didnt have a 11.5mm hook (I mean seriously – all these half sizes seem pointless once you get to the chunky end of things) so for the first hat I just used a 12 instead. 

Its very soft and warm and very simple – only took me about an hour and a half. This one will be going on the gift pile.

Then I decided I wanted one for myself too, so I made this one. 

This time I used a 10mm and added an extra round of increases. I also shortened the brim section from 6 to stitches so that it would sit where I wanted it on my head. 

The 1 Hour Beanie that took 2 Weeks…

Hello all! 

Just popping in to share with you my newest finished object, the 1 hour Beanie by the Make and Do Crew. The yarn is Stylecraft Special Chunky.

This 1 hour hat took me 2 weeks to complete, but not due to the pattern. I am sure on my own I could have finished it in 1 hour. You see I was making it along with my student, who I told you about a few weeks ago. This is her first complete project so I was waiting for her to catch up as I reached each step – starting, joining a new yarn, sewing, making the pom pom. But yesterday we finally reached completion!

Here is mine.

And here is hers!

She keeps saying ‘its not very wow like yours’ but for a beginner it is amazing – its a little wonky but for the most part she stuck to the stitch count and it went really well! I cant tell you how wonky my first projects were so she is doing better than I did as a beginner. 
Here we are proudly wearing our hats.

Whilst I was slowly making this one I also made a second. 

This one was made with super chunky yarn and a 10mm hook.

Lastly, something that made me chuckle. The imagination of children can sometimes surpass that of adults. Whereas most adults see you crocheting/knitting and assume either jumper or hat, when Nic (my student) was crocheting in her home for the first time her so came to her and asked ‘Mummy, mummy, are you making me some trousers?’. Are crochet trousers a thing? The few examples of crochet trousers I have seen have firmly sat in the ‘just because you can, doesnt mean you should’ category. Perhaps he will set a new trend. What do you think? 

WIP Wednesday (17/10/18)

Ooooh how exciting! Its wednesday again and I am working nights. When I finish nights next wednesday, I will be just 1 day away from going to America for my birthday! I am so excited! I cant wait. 

I am currently working on 4 projects.

First is the octos for Ofapuk. I am trying to make as many as I can before I finish nights, as I will have to post them next wedesday. I already have 8 complete. 1 more will take my total donation to 50 critters. Yay! 

I am making myself another hat – this time in black to match with a black courduroy pinnafore dress I bought myself recently. No picture yet as its so close to the start that theres no point in photographing it!  

I have just the finishing touches of my Satirday slippers to make. They look like slippers but need soles and embroidery.

And I have started some more slippers.

Baby Time!

Hey all! I am very excited and that is because my friend told me she was pregnant! As someone who has yet to have children I have little opportunity to make the oh so adorable tiny bits and bobs they need! So when a friend has a baby I get really rather excited.

So here is my first part of the gift. A cute little hat! 

Look how tiny it is! 

I used the basic principle of the The 1 hour beanie by Make and Do Crew. However instead of Blo every row, I alternated between blo and flo. Instead of gathering the top I sewed it flat and used 2 poms 1 on each corner. The original pattern doesnt go down as far as baby size so I had to work that out for myself. In the end the rectangle that this hat was constructed from is 16 stitches wide and 14 rows tall. 

I plan to get a few little quick bits (like hats and booties) made now so when she has the baby in february I am pepared – I will be at signallers school from January to April and will then be moving on to a new work location so I will have to gift them early anyways. 

And the yarn is some lovely soft yarn from Poundland. I dont normally buy yarn there but I thought this was lovely so I grabbed it. 

#Octopledge2018 Mid Month Review

Its been a while since I managed a mid month review. This is mainly because over the last few months the time has flown so quickly that I didnt even start making them until after the mid month point. 

I have quite a few already made this month though. 

First I have these 2, which I made before I knew November (when they would be arriving at their hospitals) was world prematurity month. The one with the green tentacles is made with Lana Grossa Cotone for the head and Sirdar Pure Cotton 4ply for the tentacles. The other is Grundl Quick Prints.

Then I have this little group, which are made of a mix of Lana Grossa Cotone, Sirdar Cotton DK, King Cole Cotton Soft and Debbie Bliss Cotton. 

I have been super motivated so far this month. Partly because we fell short of target last month and partly because I love working with purple yarn!