A Very Proud Teacher

I have taught my very first person to crochet! How exciting. I am checking in today to share her progress! 

My colleague and friend Niculina has been wanting to learn from me for a while but we never got around to it. What with me leaving for a new job in a few months she became more persistent and this week whilst we have been working nights together we have finally gotten around to it! 

First I taught her double.

Then single.

Then triple. 

Then I challenged her to half doubles, stars and bobbles and she didnt dissapoint!

I mean WOW. There are a dew tension  issues here and there but she is signifficantly better than I was at my first attempt – not once did she drop a stitch and she only had to be shown once or twice then she had it! 

We purchased some yarn together online so when that arrives we will have a crack at her first ever project – the 1hr Crochet Beanie by Make and Do Crew. Then once we have made that it will be time to try crochet in the round. I cant wait! 

WIP Wednesday (19/09/18)

Sorry its a bit late, I forgot to press the publish button. Doh!

So its over half way through september. Its flying by! 

I have 3 projects on the hook right now.

I have been cracking on with the heads to some octopusses. I will be nocking out the tentacles this week as I hope to hand them over at our next meet up which is on saturday. 

I came to a standstill on chris’ hat. I got to the end of the straight section but then realised I didnt have enough yarn to finish. I tried to make up my own ending to finidh it early but I hated how it looked so had to rip it back. A second skein of yarn arrived today though in the post so hopefully I can get it finished in the next few days. 

Also I have to sew in lots of ends on other facepads and wash cloths I have made. 

What are you up to this week? 

My Hotel of Bees

Wow! I never thought it possible to fall in love with a pattern but my word, this is just beautiful! This pattern is so beautifully written, so beautifully designed. It is gorgeous! I want to make a million if them. Honestly you should all try it out. It is wonderful. 

I made this shawl using Drops Merino Extra Fine. I chose these yarns as they were already in my stash. I bought them some time ago in a sale because I liked the colours but I didnt have any plans for it. I did have to purchase another 2 balls. I needed 3 grey 3 purple and 1 pistachio but I had 4 grey 2 purple and 2 pisatachio. I bought 2 extra purple such that when complete I would have 1 of each ball left over for another project. 

Here are some close ups of each section. 

The wings.
The openwork honeycomb.
The bees.
And the filet honeycombs/flowers. 
Honestly I think I will never take this shawl off! And I already bought more yarn to make one for my step-mother in law for christmas. 

Sunny Face Pads

Another set of facepads for you today, this time with a sunny feel.

And for these ones, I have a pattern to share. 

This pattern is worked in a spiral.

R1. Sc 6 times into a Magic Circle. (6)

R2. Sc twice into each stitch of the previous round. (12)

R3. 2Sc in 1st stitch. 1sc in next. Repeat 5 more times. (18)

R4. 2Sc in 1st stitch. 1sc in next 2. Repeat 5 more times. (24)

R5. 2Sc in 1st stitch. 1sc in next 3. Repeat 5 more times. (30)

R6. 2Sc in 1st stitch. 1sc in next 4. Repeat 5 more times. (36)

R7. 2Sc in 1st stitch. 1sc in next 5. Repeat 5 more times. (42)

R8. 2Sc in 1st stitch. 1sc in next 6. Repeat 5 more times. (48)

R9. 2Sc in 1st stitch. 1sc in next 7. Repeat 5 more times. (54)

R10. 2Sc in 1st stitch. 1sc in next 8. Repeat 5 more times. (60) slip stitch to finish the round.

Now to create the suns rays:

R11. Chain 4. Sc into 2nd chain from hook, hdc into next and dc into next. Skip 1 stitch and slip stitch into next. Repeat until end. 
And there you have it. You very own crochet facepads. Perfect for gifting with some sunny soap or just for brightening up your own morning routine. 

WIP Wednesday (12/09/18)

Ooooh its almost Autumn, and I really cant wait for cardi and hat and scarf weather! Eek! I want to put cinnamon on everything and cosy up with my yarn as the raindrops patter on the window glass. My favourite time of year! 

Anyways, time for this weeks WIP’s. 

I have 3 projects on the hooks right now. First is my contribution for September for OFAPUK, Using Lana Grossa Cotone.

Second are these flowery washcloths, using Lily Sugar n Cream.

And finally this wooly hat for my love, using Baa Ram Ewe Dovestone. 

Paris Wash Sets

Hi all! 

Do you remember, I mentioned my plans to make a big pile of crochet washcloths and facepads to gift at christmas? Well today I am popping in to share with you my first pair of wash sets.

Made out of a couple of half balls of drops paris that I had lying about the place, I made this pair of flanels.

And this set of makeup pads.

I love the colour combos. And they are loely and soft so should feel lovely on the skin. 

The flanels were made with a simple c2c stitch. The facepads were made using a standard crocheted circle with a 36 stitch circumference, comlleted with a round of ss, ch 3, skip a stitch and ss into the next. 

Keep your eyes peeled for my bext facepads, which will come with a full pattern. 

The Great Declutter

Good afternoon all! I am incredibly pleased with my self. As you will premember, I have been making an effort to de-stash and declutter. I have been pulling out yarns from the back of my many boxes and using it up for christmas presents. 

Well yesterday, I took the next step. I sorted my yarn out and sent some of it to the charity shop. Yarn I wasnt going to use in all reality. I also sent some board games, some unlived and unworn handmade bits and bobs and a tonne of clothing that I never wore. (It was super easy – about a month ago I went through my wardrobe and packed away a bunch of clothes I dont wear but kept being reluctant to get rid of. By putting them in a box without the commitment of immediate disposal it was easier to be ruthless about what I do and dont need, and as a result, I managed to cut my wardrobe in half! You realise just how much you dont miss most of it.)

Anyways, back to the point. After the trip to the charity shop, I went through my vast stash. I had it stashed everywhere. The main site was 2 sets of draws in the spare room, then I also had a box in my Kallax unit, a bag stashed down the side of the kallax unit, a bag wedged into my book shelf and 2 bags in the cupboard under the stairs. I am very proud to say that now it occupies only the 2 drawer units in the spare room, and the box in the kallax unit – this is more a wip box, so stores just current projects. Previously it was stuffed to bursting with yarn I had bought and was too lazy to put away properly. Wahoooooo. Isnt it a great feeling to get organised.

I am also very pleased to report that I am so close to finishing my Hotel of Bees shawl! It is blocking as we speak so hopefully I will be able to share it with you in full soon!