Ad Lib Earwarmer

Carrying on from the mittens I posted about yesterday, here is another Lion Brand Fishermans Wool project. 

Once I finished the hat and the mittens I still had around 30g of yarn left. I had a good think and decided to make a headband/earwarmer. I dont wear them (frankly I look rediculous in them!) But I have a friend who wears and looks good in them so this would be a nice gift for her. 

I made the pattern up as I went along but it was loosely inspired by the mittens from the previous post.

I hope the recipient likes it! 

On a Roll – Mountain Road Mittens

Oooh I think I am in love with Lion Brand Fishermans Wool. Its so lovely and warm and rustic. As soon as I finizhed the Wanderlust beanie I began on these Mountain Road Chevron Mittens. You can find the details here.

Arent they just lovely.

The original pattern was for a teen/woman but I wanted to gift them to a man. The pattern called for a 4mm hook but I already had the 5.5mm in hand from the hat so decided that using this hook would be a great way to obtain a looser gauge making this project the correct size for a man. 

I hope the recipient loves them. 

WIP Wednesday (14/11/18)

***whoopsie! Forgot to push publish!***

Its Wednesday again and after 3 lovely long weeks off of work I have today returned to work (BOOOOO). But on the bright side I now only have 5 more working weeks until I start my new job! Yays! And Fallout 76 (the newest installment in my favourite video game series) comes out today so once I have finished work I will be straight down the shops to collect my pre-order. Until then, Here are my WIP’s.

After finishing my Wanderlust Beanie I started on a nice pair of mittens using the same yarn. I have mitten no.1 complete so now its onto the second.

I have added a few more inches to my Simple Scallops Shawl. Its slow going but I am getting there. I am a bit pants with projects where each row takes longer than the last. I tend to loose motivation! But hey, its ok. This is the sort of pattern where you just keep going until you run out of yarn, and I only have 38g left so hopefully I will finish soon! 

Having staved off the illness in the house I finally got back to my Octos and am now further into my first. 

I am also of course working on my Esja Sweater, but that has its own MAL post so I wont repeat myself here. 

On a final note does anyone elses cat do this?

Whenever I am playing with yarn the cat does this thing where she rolls about on the floor or sofa somewhere near me and stretches out and just happens to find the yarn at the end of her paw. Bless her little face, its like she knows she isnt allowed to go directly to it so she is trying her hardest to look like its a coincidence! You have to love their crafty little ways! 

Esja MAL part 1

For the first week of the Esja Sweater MAL, we constructed the yolk. 

I did have a little issue with stitch count at one point, but managed to fudge it so that by now the shape and stitch count are correct.

In the next part we will begin the Brioche section. 
This is the Esja Sweater (You can purchase the pattern here), by Tatsiana, of Lillia Bjorn Crochet. This is a month long Make along which Tatsiana is holding on her facebook group here


Hello all! Another finished project to share. This time its another beanie and another object for the gift pile. I am feeling really pleased with myself on the Christmas Craft front this year. So far I have completed 13 presents. I have another 2 in progress right now, and just 7 more to go after that. So I think I am on track! Yahooooo!

This is the Wanderlust Beanie, a free pattern by Kirsten Holloway. You can find it here. Mine is crocheted in Lion Brand Fishermans Wool. Seriously I would reccoment this wool for gift making – I still have enough left to make some mittens too from just 1 skein (my skein is 170g as sold by wool warehouse).

I love the texture created by the backloops and the alternating back and front posts.

In terms of modifications, I made just 1, which was unintentional. At the point in the pattern where it tells you to repeat rows 7 to 11 once more, I read repeat row 7 to 14, but since the recipient likes slouchy hats I decided to just leave the extra 3 rows in before the brim instructions.  

My Sophine Scarf

Hello all! I hope you are having a lovely sunday. I have just returned from exploring a disused underground station (Aldwych/Strand) with the future Mother an Step-Father in Law and my Fiance followed by lunch at a lovely european resteraunt.

Now we will spend the rest of the evening chilling. Probably involves more crocheting for me. With Christmas fast approaching, I have had to adopt a ‘if I sits’ approach – if I am stationary, even for a minute, out come the hooks! Every stitch I can squeeze into my day is another stitch towards completion.

Anyways, back to the point, I am popping in to share with you my latest finished project, my Sophine Scarf by Simone Francis. You can purchase the pattern here. I used Sirdar Colourwheel.

The only modification I made was to the tassels. It required to to cut 3 strands per tassel but I had more yarn leftover so I cut 4 strands per tassel. And along the rows where it asks you to fix the tassels, I felt it was a bit gappy so I also added tassels in between the 2sc parts as well. 

Blocking made all the difference with this pattern. I suppose this is what happens with lacey type patterns. The blocking really opened up the stitches nicely! 

I cant wait to gift it at christmas. 

A New Project, a New Concept and a New Technique

Oooh I may have bitten off more than I can chew here. But I am going to give it my best shot. 

Flash back to the weekend. I was idly scrolling through social media when I come across the most lovely jumper on the Black Sheep Wool page. It looked lovely but also looked Knitted so I almost scrolled past it. My eyes glanced quickly over the text and I was very excited when I read it was crocheted. I showed it to my Fiance and he too thought it was Knit. 

It is the Esja Sweater (You can purchase the pattern here), by Tatsiana, of Lillia Bjorn Crochet. A designer I had heard of but never really exolored. I warn you though, click on the link and you may too be in love! 

 I clicked the link that Black Sheep Wool had put in their post to Tatsiana’s blog and was delighted to see she was running a MAL. I have never participated in a Make Along before, so this was new to me but I think it will be great to keep me on track. The make along started yesterday on Tatsianas social media group and will run weekly for a month. All the details can be found here

This pattern also has a new technique for me. I have worked with Linen Stitch and I love it. But i have never done Brioche Crochet before. So this should be a learning curve. 

Down to the yarn. I stuck to the suggested yarn, which is Scheepjes Our Tribe. I chose Silver Birch for the brioche design and The Boy and The Bunting for the body. I cant wait to share this jumper with you and hope to be able to wear it at christmas to impress my family!