Let it Snow!

Ooooooh christmas is getting close! I am so excited! This next week is gonna be super fun, full of festive goodness! 

I am flying by quickly to share a few more christmas cards.

This time all of the parts came from poundland! I got the topper pack, bows, paperstack and washi tapes from the Let It Snow range. On the first card I also used a scrap of glitter card and some die cut snowflakes. 

On the 14th Day of Christmas

Another week has passed so here I am again to share with you the last week in advent yarn! 

Its getting brighter! Arent they lovely! I particularly love the purple.

And do you remember last week, one of the lovely extras was a cute little festive stitch marker from Koru Clay Studio and I told you I got a bit carried away on their etsy store! Well my purcheses arrived a few days ago! 

They are so gorgeous! I especially love the autumnal leafy ones. 

Heres to seeing what the next week brings! 

Quick Christmas Gift Rundown!

My goodness! Christmas is now less than 2 weeks away! Have you still got gifts to make? If so, here is a handy dandy rundown of quick gifts you can make in 1 sitting. 


1. Jeanie Beanie

This Beanie by Twisted Arrow Designs is so super quick to make, and only requires a single ball of chunky wool. 

2. Divine Beanie

Worked in worsted weight yarn, this hat by Sarah Arnold grows quickly and works equally well in varigated or solid yarn. And it only requires a single 100g ball of yarn. 


1. Desert Winds

I have made this scarf by Jess Coppam at the Make and Do Crew twice now and have also taught a beginner crocheter with it. It is so simple and easy but the results are wonderful. It works up so quickly and is a good mindless project that you can be working on whilst watching a christmas movie. I used a single Caron Cake, but I reckon you could make it out of any pretty yarn you like. 

For The Kitchen

1. Clean Sweep Dish Cloths

These dishcloths by Erika Loftin work up really fast – theres only 6 rows! You could nock up a whole pile in a few hours!

2. Gems Hot Pad

The Gems Hot Pad by Phyllis Wortman would make a wonderful gift for any cook – and pairs really nicely with other cooking tools as a gift set. This took me around 3 hours to complete, but I misread the pattern and did way more puff stitches on the final round than are neccessary, so you would probably finish it quicker if you stuck to the pattern. 

For the Bathroom

And of course, I should probably pop a few of my own patterns in here too. A set of wash cloths/face pads can be quick to make and paired with a lovely bar of soap can make a cute little gift. You still have enough time to make a set for the whole family! 

1. Bobble Face Scrubbie

2. Cluster Face Scrubbie

3. Starry Wash Cloth

So I hope this has been helpful! Good luck in finishing by christmas!

WIP Wednesday (12/12/18)

Eek its less than two weeks to Christmas! Where has the month gone! I wish it would slow down! Ah well – I am off work all of next week so hopefully I can enjoy some festive fun then! The gifts are almost all wrapped so I can relax. 

I have 3 projects on the hooks right now.

There is the Esja sweater, which I talked about yesterday.
I got to the end of the first openwork honeycomb section on my Hotel of Bees.

But then my dad suggested that he may visit on the 16th so I had to put down the hotel of bees (whos recipient I will see on Dec 21st) and start on my cousins gift, since it will be my dad who takes it to him. This is the first two parts of a Loot Llama from the game Fortnite. 

Are you still crocheting for christmas or have you got it licked? 

Esja MAL Week 5

Today marks the last official day of the MAL. By this point I was supposed to have finished the jumper. However, with christmas crafting completely taking over, I have little time to crochet other stuff! However, I have now completely finished the brioche section and the short rows and have seperated for the body. 

I will continue to post weekly, to see how much longer it takes, but I am determined to finish by the end of the year. 

This is the Esja Sweater (You can purchase the pattern here), by Tatsiana, of Lillia Bjorn Crochet. This is a month long Make along which Tatsiana is holding on her facebook group here

On the 7th Day of Christmas

You may remember that I purchased an Advent calendar full of yarn this year. Well today I will share with you the first weeks yarns! 

Ooooh arent they lovely. They are laid out in the order they came out of the calendar! Such a beautiful rainbow already! I am in love! 

As well as the yarn there have been little extras in some of the bags – I have had some yummy choccies and also this lovely Stitch Marker from Koru Clay Studio. I checked out their etsy and got a bit carried away buying Stitch Markers! Go give them a look – but be prepared to part with your cash! 

I had originally planned to make this hawl by Kat Goldin. The Lake of Menteith Shawl. 

But on opening the first few yarns I wasnt feeling it. I will definately have a go at it but not with this yarn. 

I have decided to make this scarf/wrap instead. 

This is the Lucinda Shawl by Vicarno Crochet Designs. Its a wonderfully adjustable design as it is done in three sections of repeatable rows. So the original is 3 100g skeins. But you can adhust the straight bits and the lacy bits. So I plan to use 50g of baby grey yarn, then the lace will be a rainbow of advent yarns then the final portion will be 50g of the grey again. I think it will be lovely!